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Health Ministry 101 (Virtual)
March 24, 2020 6:00 PM to March 24, 2020 9:00 PM

Certification training of at least three team members is required for renewal funding in the Healthy Congregations program. This instructor-led, interactive training is open to all Great Plains United Methodists at no cost, and is available in both virtual (no travel required) and face-to-face formats. Pre-registration is required. Please note registration deadlines listed below. Sessions with low registration may be cancelled, so please register early.

For more information/registration: https://healthfund.org/a/healthy-congregations/
Registration deadline: March 22, 2020
HC Training Registration 2020

HC Training Registration Form

For best results, we encourage team members to train together when possible. To ensure credit is given and sessions have accurate counts (and sufficient numbers to avoid cancellation), we need a registration for each team member planning to participate, although it is fine for the team leader or another member to enter registrations on another's behalf.
Please ensure your email is correctly entered so we may send you the training materials and meeting information.

HC Training Registration - Session Selection

Please choose a face-to-face training date, or select virtual training sessions. Face-to-face trainings include all three courses in one day and are held at locations throughout the Conference. Virtual training sessions each include one course and may be done from anywhere with a computer and speakerphone.
Face to Face training (3 courses, one day)
Health Ministry 101 - Virtual
Outcomes-Based Planning - Virtual
Evaluation & Using Data - Virtual

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