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An Issue Affecting Many Kansans
Although medical care is a factor in only ten percent of morbidity and mortality, the inequity in access to health care is an issue affecting many Kansans. Lack of access diminishes work opportunities, educational success, and quality of life.

An Opportunity for Access
The Affordable Care Act has provided an opportunity for Kansans to benefit from access to affordable health insurance and other provisions of the law, but challenges remain in its successful implementation.

Challenges in Rural Kansas
In addition, there are access issues the ACA does not address. As rural regions lose population, the established health care delivery systems based on Rural Health Clinics and Critical Access Hospitals become increasingly endangered.

Our Approaches

Recent Work
The Kansas Rural Health System Improvement Pilot Project recently finished a year of planning involving Cheyenne, Smith, Osborne, Phillips, Kearny, and Clark counties. The scale of the project expanded significantly with the receipt of an $895,000 federal grant from HRSA. Four separate pilot sites covering the six counties are innovating in community paramedicine, mental health integration, and care coordination to improve outcomes and health systems sustainability.

The Fund also joined other Kansas funders in providing significant support to Enroll America, which through traditional and social media promotes enrollment opportunities in the new federal insurance marketplace. The Fund also provided matching grants to Kansas agencies for full-time Affordable Care Act navigators located in Beloit, Minneola, Coffeyville, Hutchinson, Pratt, and Garden City.