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Applying for a Grant

Grant application/proposal rules

Grantmaking is the Health Fund's primary means of achieving its mission, and we see each grant as an opportunity to move toward the goal of healthy Kansans. Each organization which approaches us about funding a project to improve health in Kansas represents a potential opportunity, and we welcome your ideas.

We do, however, have a few specific rules regarding our grants and the application process.

Responding to a Request for Proposal

The Health Fund issues periodic requests for proposals (RFPs) highlighting certain types of projects or special opportunities.These RFPs may vary from our standard application process, and may not require pre-authorization from staff. If interested in applying for funding, please follow instructions contained within the particular RFP. If you have questions about an RFP or a potential project, communication with our program staff is always welcome.

There are no open RFPs at this time - please check back later.

Application process

To apply for a grant, the first step is to communicate with a Health Fund program officer. If the program officer determines the project fits within our strategic focus and has potential to be funded, you will receive an authorization code to use our online preliminary proposal system. Want to view a sample of our online application form? Click here to see it.

Your submitted preliminary proposal will be presented to our Programming and Evaluation Committee for consideration. If necessary, the Committee may request additional information about your preliminary proposal.

To learn more about the Health Fund's grantmaking process, follow this link.


There are deadlines established for grouping proposals for review by the Programming and Evaluation Committee and Board of Directors of the Health Fund. An application is considered received by the Health Fund when submitted electronically or, as of the postmark date, when placed in first-class, postage prepaid US Mail. (Please do not send by other methods).

Deadlines listed in a particular RFP override the deadlines listed below in the event they may differ.

There are no open RFPs at this time - please check back later.