Grants for Healthy Kansans

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Process overview

We are pleased that you have contacted the Health Ministry Fund about a project to improve the health of Kansans. If you are viewing this page, you will have already visited with a member of our program staff--the first step toward applying for a Grant for Healthy Kansans. If, by chance, you have reached this page without receiving authorization from HMF staff, please note that we are unable to accept unsolicited proposals. Please call 620-662-8586 during normal business hours--our program staff will be happy to visit with you about your proposed project.

The next step is to submit a grant request using this online application system. The request is intended to provide us with enough basic information about your proposed project to allow us to determine if the project appears to fit with our strategies for improving the health of Kansans. The request will be reviewed by our program staff and you can expect to receive a response letter within 30 days. If your project appears to fit our criteria closely enough to merit further study, we will request additional information and provide you with a timeline for the processing of your request.

Important notice about our grant application/proposal rules

The Health Fund has specific rules regarding grant funding and application procedures. To save yourself time and unnecessary work, please read and be familiar with the following rules:

How to use this system

In the box at the bottom of this page, please enter the authorization number you received from the Health Ministry Fund staff member who gave you authorization to submit a preliminary proposal. In the password fields, enter a password of your choosing so that you can log in later and continue work on your Letter. You will then go through a series of pages requesting information about your proposed project. Each page will have a "Save and Continue" button which will record changes made and forward you to the next item in the form.

Just curious about what the form looks like and what information we request?
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Authorization #:  (Enter the authorization number you received from HMF staff -- # only, no brackets)

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* Note: if this is your first login under this authorization number, choose and enter a password in the space above. Please keep a record of your password in a secure place. If this is a returning login, you must enter the password you originally chose in order to proceed.