About the Conference

This conference – a special ecumenical gathering designed to bring together congregational health ministry volunteers and staff, public health and health care professionals, and others to learn, build skills, and share ideas – aims to take a macro and a micro look at the state of health ministry in this central part of the United States.

There will be time to explore the big questions facing the field, with the aim of grasping opportunities to serve people while maintaining the field’s core value of wholistic, empathetic love of others.

What is the future of health ministry?
How can and should the faith community’s ministry to the whole person fit into new healthcare delivery systems?
How can faith and health ministries be more effective in serving people?
How do we preserve (not sell) our souls while being good partners with healthcare systems – for profit and not for profit?

There will be exposure to what can be done in your own faith community through well-designed health ministries in all types of situations – rural, urban, low income communities, middle class communities, inside congregations, and with neighbors – near and far.

What are proven health ministry programs for our congregation and immediate neighbors?
How can we work with local resources and partners to improve the total health of our community?
How did you overcome barriers like we face to establish effective and compassionate health ministry?
What are the right approaches to securing committed volunteers, local church support, and appropriate resources for our health ministry?

And finally, there will be people, ideas and encouragement for you to answer that critical questions: what is God calling me to do in health ministry? We hope new possibilities, commitment and energy will develop for you personally from this two-day experience.

Where can I best apply my skills, time and energy in service as a health minister?
What do I need to do to better prepare myself for this work?
Who can help me in this journey?

The ideas from the plenary sessions and workshops…
The development of new skills from the pre-conference trainings…
The informal time to meet and discover people like you with a passion to serve God and others…

And the familiar words of invitation…COME AND SEE.