Good Neighboring as Good Medicine

 Justin Moore, MD, FACP, Owner, Double Arrow Metabolism

Presentation slides: Good Neighboring as Good Medicine [pdf]

Social isolation has a profound effect on the life expectancy of elders, and evidence of social isolation is trickling into younger age groups. Participants were confronted with data on isolation and the effects of social media, and brainstormed potential solutions that might be useful in church outreach programs.

Justin Moore is an endocrinologist who left academic medicine in 2014 to do consulting work at the clinical-public health intersection with Double Arrow Metabolism. It’s in this role that he serves as a consultant with Health ICT and chairs the Chronic Disease Alliance of Kansas. He’s also an endocrinology consultant with RubiconMD and a volunteer endocrinologist with Guadalupe Clinic, where he tends to stop more medications than he starts. He believes chronic diseases should fall at the top of the patient’s problem list at any given visit, not at the bottom. He believes that health is hard to define and harder to measure, but that it’s easier to achieve than people think. He believes true health saves money. He’s an evangelist for transportation by bicycle.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to define social isolation.
  2. Participants will identify risk factors for isolation.
  3. Participants will be able to propose potential interventions that might be useful in church or clinic outreach programs.


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