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Account Invitation Code Redemption

If you received a Healthy Congregations Covenant account invitation code, the program administrator or someone from your church has created a personal account "placeholder" for you.

To finish setting up your personal HC account, please carefully enter the invitation code you received in the box below.

Enter your HC Account Invitation Code

Invitation Code:

Think you may already have an account but forgot your login? Use our automated login help here.
Can't remember if you have a personal HC Account?
Enter your email into the automated login help, or contact Jeff via email at for assistance. In your email, please include at least your full name and church name.

This is the starting point for your participation in the Healthy Congregations program. Accounts are linked to a participating United Methodist church during setup, but each individual participant will need his or her own personal account.

If you already have an account but forgot your login name or password, use our automated login help here.