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Healthy Congregations "Elective" training/program resources for
Great Plains United Methodist Churches

These training videos and related resources are available for use by Great Plains United Methodist Churches. Check back frequently as we continue to add new topics!

Healthful Food Choices - 28 Classes for Healthful Eating

As you begin to work on increasing healthful eating as an outcome in your congregation, of course you look toward a goal of changes in environment and policy. Changes in the food environment at your church will model the healthful eating behaviors you endorse, introduce congregants and community members to new foods or new ways to cook that make their diets more healthful, and support the behavior changes that many of your members are working on.

This series of 28 classes is grouped into topics including: MyPlate, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Starches & Pasta, Cooking on a Budget, Crock Pot 101, Growing & Using Herbs, Vegetable Side Dishes, Salads, Fruit Salads & Desserts, Planning a Good Dinner, Shopping & Reading Labels, and Purchasing Decisions. Click here to browse the table of contents and download the materials.

Learning, Thinking, Working Styles

When recruiting volunteers, it is helpful to think about how teams will work together. HC Learning Community Webinar January 19, 2016 thumbnailDavid Kolb's "Learning, Thinking, Working Styles" are helpful to understand your own natural, instinctive strengths, understand why others do what they do, and helps you create the best group possible.

Presented by Judy Johnston, KU School of Medicine - Wichita

Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Presentation Slides
Kolb Learning Thinking Working Styles
Marcia Conner Learning Styles

Pass on Pop: Soda-Free SundaysPass on Pop logo

Pass on Pop is a campaign to raise awareness about the health impact of beverages with added sugar. PoP is asking individuals, families, and organizations to "Pass on Pop" each Sunday in 2014. The campaign is led by Kansas Action for Children, with support from the Kansas Health Foundation.

View the video presentation here (scroll down for extra materials):

Downloads for Pass on Pop: