Good Neighbor Experiment

The Health Fund is excited to partner with by SoCe Life to offer an opportunity for up to 10 Healthy Congregations churches to participate in the 2019 cohort of The Good Neighbor Experiment.

What if loving our actual neighbors could change the world? The Good Neighbor Experiment moves us from scarcity to abundance, from program to relationship, from needs to assets, and from fear to love. Be prepared to be transformed!

GNE is offered as a year-long cohort including 3 workshops, group practice with the GNE curriculum, and coaching calls with Neighboring Movement staff. For the 2019 Healthy Congregations Cohort, the first training session will be held from 1-5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 25, the first day of the Healthy Congregations Retreat. Preferably, churches will bring a team of 1 staff and 4 or more lay people to the training. View the recording of the Feb. 19 Healthy Congregations Learning Community webinar below to learn more. The webinar slides are available here. Interested? Please sign up on the retreat registration page.