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Healthy Congregations Learning Community Webinars

Webinars are offered quarterly for HC team leaders and members. They contain program news and announcements, presentations on resources and ideas for your health ministry work, and updates from members of participating church teams. We'll also periodically announce special HC-only opportunities during these webinars.

February 6, 2018 - Event Planning for HC Teams

We discuss the steps required to successfully Title slideplan and manage programs and provide an event planning form that can be used to plan, and maintain records of, what was done, what worked, and what needs to be changed if the event is offered again.

Presented by Judy Johnston, KU School of Medicine - Wichita.

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Related materials
Presentation slides: [download PDF]
Event planning form: [download Word format] | [download PDF format]

Example materials used in webinar - Healthy Food courses

November 14, 2017 - Learning, Thinking, Working Styles

When recruiting volunteers, it is helpful to think about how teams will work together. HC Learning Community Webinar January 19, 2016 thumbnailDavid Kolb's "Learning, Thinking, Working Styles" are helpful to understand your own natural, instinctive strengths, understand why others do what they do, and helps you create the best group possible.

Presented by Judy Johnston, KU School of Medicine - Wichita

Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Presentation Slides
Kolb Learning Thinking Working Styles
Marcia Conner Learning Styles

May 25, 2017 - Healthy Congregations Plan Submission TutorialHC Learning Community Webinar January 19, 2016 thumbnail

Katie and Judy demonstrate how to complete your online Healthy Congregations Report, your Healthy Congregations Needs Assessment, and your Healthy Congregations Plan.  

This webinar also illustrates the significant 2017 form changes designed to simplify submission of your work plan for the upcoming year.

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January 24, 2017 - Strengthening Families Program Q&A TeleconferenceHC Learning Community Webinar January 19, 2016 thumbnail

Join us at 7 p.m. by teleconference to visit with Art Mellor, General Board of Global Ministries, and Katie Schoenhoff about any questions you may have relating to church participation in the Strengthening Families Program opportunity. This is an phone conference only - for further information refer to the webinar recording and slides available from the October 25 introductory webinar, below - or click here for more on this opportunity.

October 25, 2016 - Strengthening Families Program and the UM ChurchHC Learning Community Webinar January 19, 2016 thumbnail

We are fortunate to be partnering with the General Board of Global Ministries to provide you with a webinar on the “Strengthening Families Program” to let you know about what the UM church is doing to support this valuable workThis webinar provides details on the Strengthening Families Program and how you might be able to use this initiative to reach your church and community. 

This webinar also includes details regarding an upcoming special grant opportunity for Healthy Congregations churches.

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Presentation slides (pdf)

January 19, 2016 - Child Hunger and How the Church Can Make a DifferenceHC Learning Community Webinar January 19, 2016 thumbnail

Guest speakers:

  • Brian Walker, President & CEO, Kansas Food Bank
  • Debi Kreutzman, Community Relations Manager, Kansas Food Bank
  • Kelly Chanay, Assistant Director of Child Nutrition and Wellness, Kansas Department of Education

The webinar also features details regarding upcoming Healthy Congregations special grant opportunities for 2016.

Click here for the presentation slides

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November 10, 2015 - Oral Health: The Issues and What Faith Communities Can DoPresentation Thumbnail - Oral Health: The Issues and What Faith Communities Can Do

Judy Johnston discusses concerns regarding oral health throughout the life cycle, the challenges of low oral health workforce in Kansas, and what is being done to address the issue. Judy also provides suggestions about potential opportunities to support oral health within the local church.

Click here for the presentation slides

Click here to view the recorded webinar

August 11, 2015 - Supporting Families and Young Children

Angie Moore provides ideas on supporting families August 11 Webinar Thumbnailand young children within your church, and highlights the importance of childhood experiences in early brain development.

The webinar also includes highlights of 2015 Healthy Congregations program changes and information on training and additional grant opportunities.

Click here for the presentation slides

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February 10, 2015 - Being Part of a Healthy Start for Moms and Families

This webinar focuses on how congregations can provide breastfeeding support and highlights exciting new changes to the Healthy Congregations program. October 7 Webinar Image

Click here for the presentation slides

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Gwen Whittit, High 5 for Mom & Baby Coordinator, provides ideas for congregations to work in improving breastfeeding initiation and duration rates.

October 21, 2014 - Big Garden community gardening opportunity for Healthy Congregations churches

Matt Freeman talks Big Garden Logoabout the opportunity for Healthy Congregations churches to start or expand community gardens with technical support from United Methodist Ministries Omaha-based Big Garden program and financial support from the Health Fund.

More information, including a recording of the fall 2013 webinar (details are still correct, but program has been extended), is available here.

You can download the 2014 presentation slides here in pdf format.

October 7, 2014 - What You Need to Know About the Changing Health Insurance and Medicare Landscape

This quarter's Learning Community webinar is on understanding changes to the health insurance landscape which affect you, your congregation and your community.

October 7 Healthy Congregations Learning Community presentation slides

Click here to view the recorded webinarOctober 7 Webinar Image

Health Insurance Literacy -- the degree to which individuals have the knowledge, ability, and confidence to find and evaluate information about health plans, select the best plan for their financial and health circumstances, and use the plan once enrolled -- is important for all of us, but especially so for those who may not have had health insurance in the past and are now eligible to gain coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

Many health organizations in Kansas are working to improve Health Insurance Literacy, and as trusted institutions within local communities, churches have an opportunity to be a key part of the process for their congregants and those in the community.

Guest presenters Roberta Riportella, Kansas Health Foundation Professor of Community Health, Kansas State University and Debra Wood, K-State Extension Agent, Saline County, cover:

  • Health Insurance Literacy - understanding the current health insurance options and important points you need to be aware of
    [what is Health Insurance Literacy and why is it important? Click here to learn more]
  • Details about the health insurance exchange "marketplace" including open enrollment periods and navigation
  • Information on Medicare eligibility and enrollment
  • Tips, pitfalls, and "gotchas"
  • Local resources available to help with enrollment, navigation and more

July 1, 2014 - Medical Equipment Loans and Emergency Preparedness

Download the presentations slides here: March 18, 2014 Webinar
July 1 Healthy Congregations Learning Community presentations

Click here to view the recorded webinar

Emergency Preparedness; Medical Equipment Loan Programs

  • Lloyd Hanna, Medical Loan Closet, Wichita
  • JD Gilbert, Public Health Preparedness Coordinator, Reno County KS Health Department
  • HC churches doing work in these areas: Winfield UMC, Lawrence First UMC, Tecumseh UMC, Lenexa UMC
  • Questions and answers, closing comments

March 18, 2014 - Healthful EatingMarch 18, 2014 Webinar

Download the presentation slides here:
(printer-friendly | screen-friendly)

  • Welcome and brief explanation of changes in the Healthy Congregations Program starting this year.
  • Healthful eating presentation - Judy Johnston
  • Congregational Examples - Columbus UMC, Nickerson UMC, Emporia First UMC
  • Questions and Answers, Closing Comments

Watch the recording here: