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Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award 1988

United Methodist Western Kansas Mexican-American Ministries

1988 Winner
Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award

United Methodist Western Kansas Mexican-American Ministries (UMWKMAM) of Garden City is the first winner of the Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award. Dirk Hutchinson, MD, Chairperson of the Health Ministry Board, presented the 1988 award and honorarium of $250 to UMWKMAM in ceremonies at Hutchinson in March. Selected by Health Ministry trustees from all projects funded in 1988, UMWKMAM operates a low income medical clinic, one of its many services to poor people in southwest Kansas.

The clinic, partially supported by Health Ministry funds, has grown since opening in November, 1987, and now provides about 600 patient visits a month. More than 250 women have received prenatal care through the program. Persons are eligible for services if they have no other access to health care--medical card, health insurance or sufficient income. Specific clinic sites are in Garden City, Dodge City, Ulysses, and Liberal. The program is directed by Penney Schwab, Executive Director, UMWKMAM, and is staffed by Dr. Karen Nonhoff, staff physician, and registered nurses and receptionist/intake workers.

The award honors the first Chairperson of the Health Ministry, Janet Sevier Gilbreath, who died last June. Janet was a leader in the Kansas West Annual Conference in establishing the Health Ministry. At the ceremony, Health Ministry Trustee Ardith Alexander of Hutchinson remembered Janet. "She was a lady you always knew was present. She was a doer. When we elected her chairperson, we knew the Fund was in good, safe hands from then on. She played a special and meaningful role..." Janet's husband, Lewis Gilbreath of Winfield, said the first award winner represented "what Janet stood for."

In selecting the winner of the award, Health Ministry trustees consider criteria including success in attaining goals and objectives, use of volunteers in the project, development of other sources of support, and institution of good management and financial practices.

Representing UMWKMAM: Penney Schwab, Executive Director; Karen Nonhoff, MD, Staff Physician; Rev. Ken Hathaway, Johnson UMWKMAM Director; and Bob Dennis, Garden City, UMWKMAM Board Chairperson.

Awarded March 15, 1989

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