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Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award 1990

Hospice Inc. ConnectCare

1990 Winner
Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award

ConnectCare is a project to address the needs of persons affected by the human immunodeficiency virus in the Wichita area. Organized and operated by Hospice Inc., ConnectCare offers comprehensive case management services; professionally-facilitated support groups for family/caregivers, HIV+ persons and patients; traditional hospice services and a residence for persons who are HIV+.

Hospice Inc. began working on ConnectCare in the summer of 1987 and was serving 7 patients by mid-1988. Since that beginning, ConnectCare has assisted more than 125 clients and presently maintains an average daily caseload of 55 persons. The ConnectCare Residence was licensed in October, 1989 and serves an average of 5 residents with round-the-clock staffing. A roster of approximately 30 trained and supported volunteers is maintained to provide additional services beyond those available through the professional staff.

To serve people dying unexpectedly early in their normal life spans with a progressively debilitating illness calls for exceptional strength and commitment. This difficult caregiving situation is compounded in the case of AIDS by the lack of public understanding about the illness and the politicization some outsiders inject into the provision of physical, emotional, and spiritual care for persons with AIDS. The professional staff of ConnectCare has successfully risen to the challenges of this caregiving situation and continues to expand and improve the delivery of services.

This program has met the goals and objectives established in the Health Ministry Fund grant documents. ConnectCare is developing other funding support including United Way for general program support and the HUD certificate program as funding for clients in the Residence. The program has demonstrated that services across a continuum of care can be provided on a sustained basis to persons with AIDS in a professional, caring manner. In developing resources, mobilizing professionals and volunteers, committing itself to evaluation of individual care and total agency services and caring for the sick and dying, ConnectCare is a model ministry of health, healing, and wholeness.

ConnectCare representatives: John Carney, Executive Director, Hospice Inc.; Cynthia Houser, Associate Executive Director, Hospice Inc.; Angie Houska, former Director of Volunteers; Dennis Detweiler, Case Manager; and Phillis Clampitt, Board Member

Awarded March 13, 1991

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