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Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award 1992

Kansas Action for Children, Inc.

1992 Winner
Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award

"Because all children need someone who cares...", Kansas Action for Children advocates for Kansas children in communities and in the halls of state and federal government. KAC makes its advocacy particularly effective by selecting targeted projects to demonstrate needs and how those needs can be met. The "An Ounce of Prevention" project of KAC, funded in part by a Health Ministry Fund grant of $51,964, represents yet another accomplishment for KAC.

"An Ounce of Prevention" aimed at increasing immunization rates of young children, improving medical services to pregnant women and children eligible for Medicaid, studying the effectiveness of the implementation of the human sexuality/AIDS mandate for grades K-6, preventing teen pregnancy, and educating policymakers on the benefits of preventive health care strategies. Each part of the project was fully completed.

The activities promoting immunizations for Kansas pre-schoolers were exceptionally successful. Persons throughout Kansas were reminded, using a dinosaur theme, that "childhood diseases are not extinct." In 1991, more than 17,000 growth charts, provided by Jostens, Inc. of Topeka, were distributed. Eighty billboards, 98 newspaper articles, 21 local government proclamations, and radio spots in seven Kansas communities urged participation in Immunization Awareness Week in 1991. With 68 public health departments making special immunization efforts, 19,796 doses of vaccine reached Kansas children in February, and increase of nearly 25% over the same period the prior year. But Kansas Action for Children did not stop with its 1991 activities. With the excellent cooperation and support of Kansas Kiwanis Clubs and even more local public health departments, KAC assisted with an immunization effort in 1992. The 1992 partners achieved a further increase in vaccinations of 33% for the month of April.

The project has met and surpassed the goals and objectives established for it. The fruits of the project continue to be experienced in our state. The need for better systems of delivering childhood immunizations is now clearly on the agenda of Kansas policymakers, in part due to this project. Information about barriers to accessing Medicaid by pregnant women and children and information and community resources to assist in preventing teen pregnancy have been delivered throughout Kansas.

The use of volunteers in its work, its excellent financial and program management skills, its cooperative and capable staff, and it constant commitment to Kansas children and families make Kansas Action for Children a model servant of health, healing, and wholeness and an important resource for our state.

Kansas Action for Children representatives: Kathleen Holt, President of the Board; Johannah Bryant, Executive Director; and Roonie Sellers.

Representing Kansas Association of Local Health Departments was Judy Seltzer.

Representing Kansas District--Kiwanis International was Larry Zenor.

Awarded March 10, 1993

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