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Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award 1994

Health Ministries of Harvey County, Inc.

1994 Winner
Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award

Health Ministries of Harvey County started with a public meeting called by Dr. Timothy Wiens to discuss the growing health care needs of indigent people in the County. The forty churches and organizations represented at that meeting set up a committee which continued working on the vision for health care serving low income people. That vision became a low income medical clinic opening in May 1991, located in the building housing the Harvey County Health Department. Beginning with two mornings and two afternoons a week, the Clinic provided medical services with five physicians and three nurse practitioners volunteering services. Rojean DuBois served as the director and Steve Schmidt started his presidential career for the organization.

With almost 70 new patients coming each month by the end of the first year, come would have been satisfied, but Health Ministries of Harvey County started developing a dental program for 1993. That became a reality on schedule. The services have continued to grow. Services now include primary medical and dental care, lab and diagnostic testing, minor emergency and surgical services, limited medications, counseling, health education, and spiritual growth opportunities. Free or discounted mammograms have been made available through a special project. In 1994, Health Ministries provided medical and dental care and health education to about 1,900 people through almost 3,000 patient visits. A four person staff and volunteers--nine physicians, one dentist, and three nurse practitioners--deliver this care. Financial resources are developed on a broad basis from United Way, local government, state government, fees, private grants, and donations by individuals and many churches. Since 1992, UMHMF trustees have approved three grants totaling $131,000.

The program remains in a growth mode and is working on expanded mental health services, services during after work hours, and a vision/hearing screening clinic for unserved groups. The program successfully went through two director changes in 1993-1994, and Nancy Martin now serves in that capacity. Health Ministries of Harvey County continues to demonstrate its commitment to a Christ-centered mission of caring. It puts this mission into action with organizational strengths of good management, financial support through many sources, and high levels of volunteer involvement. As Nancy Martin said in her annual Christmas letter, "The compassion of so many is what makes Health Ministries work!"

These qualities make Health Ministries of Harvey County a model, community-wide ministry of health care delivery for those without other access to care.

Health Ministries of Harvey County representatives: Steve Schmidt, Board President; Dr. Tim Wiens, Medical Director; Rojean DuBois, first Director; Wanda Schmidt, ARNP, Board member; Marilyn Wilder, Vice-President and legal advisor; Bob Sjogren, Board Treasurer; and Nancy Martin, current Director.

Awarded March 8, 1995

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