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Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award 2012

University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita Family Medicine Residency Program at Smoky Hill & Salina Family Healthcare Center

2012 Recipient
Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award

Demands on primary health care have been changing with the increase in chronic disease, escalating costs, instant communications, and time-stressed family lives, to name just a few of the realities of life in the 21st century. The Patient-Centered Medical Home model offers an answer, but challenges health care providers to make comprehensive changes in long-established practices and procedures. The University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita Family Medicine Residency Program at Smoky Hill, in partnership with the Salina Family Healthcare Center, took on that challenge of change with its Medical Home Transformation project.

Lance Carrithers presents the JSG award to Rawlins County Dental Clinic
Health Fund Board Chair Paul Moore (L) presents the 2012 Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award to Rob Freelove and Rick Kellerman at a May 7, 2013 ceremony in Hutchinson.

With partial support from a Health Ministry Fund grant of $49,500 and the guidance of TransforMed, a nationally-recognized medical practice enhancement consulting firm, the education of family medicine residents as well as the delivery of health care at a community health center has been transformed to emphasize access, teamwork, and technology in order to deliver quality care and improve health.

Electronic health records and health information technology have been integrated into patient care. Innovations improved management of patients with chronic illnesses, added support for patients managing their medical problems, and introduced alternatives to the routine office visit.

Patient satisfaction surveys reflect the success of the project and many of the graduating residents are now champions for patient-centered care in their own medical practices and communities.

The program received the National Committee on Quality Assurance's highest recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. This is the first rural clinic, the first Federally Qualified Health Center, and the first residency program in Kansas to achieve Level III distinction based on the 2011 Patient-Centered Medical Home standards.

Salina Family Healthcare's goals can be seen in the success of the collaborative medical home transformation project and are an excellent summary of the reasons this project was selected as the Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project of the Year. They lead the way in training family physicians for rural Kansas; to provide access to quality healthcare regardless of one's ability to pay; to be the employer of choice in the community; to demonstrate good stewardship of entrusted resources; and to be a center for innovation and learning. While this is a remarkable list, it is not complete eithour recognition of the excellent teamwork that makes these achievements possible.

Representing the project at the awards ceremony were: Rick Kellerman, MD, Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, KU School of Medicine - Wichita; Rob Freelove, MD, CEO/Program Director; Bob Kraft, MD, Director of Clinical Quality/Associate Program Director; Alice Brown, RN, Nursing Supervisor; Deb Demel, CFO; Tamara Lamb, IT Supervisor; and Royce Nelson, President, Salina Health Education Foundation Board of Directors.

Awarded May 7, 2013

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