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Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award

Pratt Regional Medical Center
Hospital-Based Marketplace Navigator Program

2016 Recipient
Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award

For individuals seeking health insurance coverage, especially for the first time, the process can be overwhelming - learning specialized insurance terms, evaluating the pros and cons of available policies, and in some cases just finding an available policy at all.  Fortunately, hundreds of people in south central Kansas found the help they needed through Pratt Regional Medical Center’s marketplace navigator, Lisa Hart.  As a hospital-based navigator, Lisa’s role is to help people explore their options for coverage through the federally-facilitated Marketplace and, if coverage is not available there, to provide referrals to possible community or state resources.  Navigators like Ms. Hart provide assistance by answering questions, helping complete online applications for financial assistance, comparing insurance policies, completing enrollment for coverage, and assisting with any post-enrollment issues.  In 2016 alone, Lisa assisted 1,105 people in Barber, Barton, Clark, Edwards, Harper, Kingman, Kiowa, Pratt, Rice, and Stafford counties.  Complex personal situations must be handled within the confines of detailed governmental and insurance company rules, and financial stress is often a factor.  When a local business closed, PRMC’s navigator successfully helped a person who lost employment maintain health insurance coverage.  Word quickly spread and many more newly unemployed persons contacted the navigator for assistance. 

Pratt Regional Medical Center receives the 2016 Janet Sevier Gilbreath Award
Pratt Regional Medical Center's Vincent Wilczek, Lisa Hart, and Susan Page receive the 2016 Janet Sevier Gilbreath Project of the Year award at a May 2, 2017 ceremony in Hutchinson.

In some cases, no affordable coverage was available.  For example, couples who have two or three children and work two to three part-time jobs might not qualify for marketplace subsidies because they do not make enough money.  These people and others with limited income fall into the notorious “gap” – making too much to qualify under Kansas’ low Medicaid eligibility limits but below the minimum qualifying income for marketplace financial assistance to make insurance affordable.  This navigator went above and beyond, helping many “gap persons” find other community support so they could access needed medical care.  Additionally, this navigator provided outreach through 58 events which improved health insurance literacy and provided information about the marketplace for over 9,400 people.

Reaching uninsured people requires ingenuity.  One example of this navigator’s creativity in outreach was the distribution of coloring books with contact information to young children waiting in line to see Santa.  The message: “the best present you can have at Christmas is health insurance.”

With these accomplishments and for the leadership and service provided in rural and frontier regions of Kansas, Pratt Regional Medical Center is presented the 2016 Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition award for its Hospital-Based Navigator Program.

Representing the project for Pratt Regional Medical Center at the awards ceremony were Lisa Hart, Hospital-Based Marketplace Navigator; Susan Page, President and CEO; and Vincent Wilczek, Controller.

Awarded May 2, 2017

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