Kim Moore Award

About the Kim Moore Visionary Leadership Award

In 2017, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund Board of Directors voted to honor its founding president with the establishment of the Kim Moore Award for Visionary Leadership.  Each year, the Fund solicits nominations in a chosen strategic field of work and honors one individual whose leadership has had a positive effect on the health of a specific group of persons.

A cash award of $500 is given to the award winner. If the recipient is associated with an organization, that agency will receive an additional $2,000 to use as it deems. 

The following criteria are considered by the Board of Directors:

  • What visionary leadership has the nominee demonstrated and what actions have benefited the health of Kansans in the chosen strategic field of work?
  • How has the individual taken risks, shown innovation, and exhibited the flexibility and creativity needed to be effective in his/her work?
  • What makes this individual an outstanding leader in this field of work?  What are his or her significant contributions to the field of work?
  • What change resulted from and/or who benefited from this person’s leadership?

Award recipients

2022 – Monica Murnan
Director of Community Support Services, Greenbush

2021 – Dr. Christine Fisher
Medical Director, First Care Clinic, Inc.

2020 – Deanna Berry
Executive Director, Russell Child Development Center

2019 – Krista Postai
President & CEO, Community Health Center for Southeast Kansas

2018 – Michelle Gaumé Finn
Lactation Program Coordinator, Shawnee Mission Medical Center

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