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Faith intersects with all areas of life, including health. Health goes beyond physical well-being; it involves body, mind and spirit. The Health Fund is dedicated to improving the health and wholeness of Kansans.

Healthy Congregations churches have asked us for more resources to discuss important topics such as mental wellness and maternal health. The Health Fund worked in partnership with Lisa Hancock, PhD, to develop a series of sermon guides that bring together scripture, theology, and health to help congregations connect their faith to health.

Sermon Workshop Recording

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0:25:14 Overview of the Liturgical Year
0:44:58 Journey Toward Mental Wellness (Advent)
1:09:59 Naming Trauma and Practicing Resilient Love (Lent)
1:35:41 Tending the Civic Soil
1:59:03 God’s Temple
2:20:13 Wrapped in God’s Embrace
2:43:16 Let the Little Children

Liturgical Calendar

Available Sermon Guides

Faith in Vaccines. Supporting Empathetic Congregational Conversations on COVID-19 Vaccination

God’s Temple. Health and Holiness in the Body of Christ. (Ordinary Time)

Journey Toward Mental Wellness. Supporting Meaningful Congregational Conversations on the Importance of Mental Wellness (Advent or Ordinary Time)

Let the Little Children. The Body of Christ and Childhood Health and Well-Being (Ordinary Time)

Naming Trauma and Practicing Resilient Love. A Lenten Sermon Guide and Toolkit (Lent)

Tending the Civic Soil. A Worship Resource for Election Season (Ordinary Time)

Wrapped in God’s Embrace. Maternal Health, Flourishing, and Building Communities of Care (Ordinary Time)

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