Areas of Focus

Access to Care

Our focus on access to care is two-fold: ensuring there is sustainable financing for care so providers can remain viable, and ensuring that the delivery system is integrated and sustainable. Because our rural communities face challenges of growing older and more sparsely populated, we recognize the need to innovate and create sustainable and integrated delivery models. We see an opportunity to support the development of innovative, sustainable models of care that include behavioral health services.


Thriving Children

Research shows investing early creates not only the best health outcomes, but also the greatest return on investment. We are working to ensure that all Kansas children have the healthy starts, safe and stable families, and early development and learning experiences necessary to thrive.


Engaged Congregations and Communities

With intimate ties to Kansas and Nebraska United Methodist congregations, the Health Fund is uniquely positioned to activate projects in local communities that improve community health. We have the opportunity to improve community health through greater engagement of our congregations and through new partnerships. Healthy Congregations and interfaith partners are positioned to lead their communities toward better health, and the Health Fund is positioned to support their work.


Special Recognition: Gilbreath Award

The Health Fund’s board of directors selects one outstanding project from currently funded projects for the Janet Sevier Gilbreath Special Project Recognition Award, named in honor of the Health Fund’s first Board Chairperson. The award is granted annually to a project supported by the Health Fund that has most advanced Janet’s vision of the Christian healing community.


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