June 1, 2022

GNE Alumni Opportunity

Healthy Congregations churches that have completed the Good Neighbor Experiment (GNE) are invited to continue their asset-based work in a new phase of GNE.

The Good Neighbor Experiment has created an opportunity for GNE alumni churches to continue their work of neighboring and strengthening communities. GNE is accepting applications for their FAN (Faith-Based Animator Network) program that is designed for individuals and groups interested in learning asset-based community development (ABCD) and deepening relationships with their neighbors. Participants who commit one year to the program and up to five hours of work each week (2.5 hours average) will receive:

  • an opening online workshop focused on ABCD
  • an immersive month building up to a community action plan
  • routine coaching calls to implement the community action plan

At the end of the program, participants can expect to have implemented an asset-based project in their community. The first cohort begins in July.

Applications due: June 15
Questions: Maddie Johnson, Program Director
Application form

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