July 15, 2022

God’s Temple: Health and Holiness in the Body of Christ

Our health is strongly influenced by a combination of biological, social, and environmental factors beyond our control: the conditions in our communities, the schools in our neighborhoods, the availability of healthy food and good jobs, and how close we are to hospitals and clinics.

As we continue to explore what it means to be healthy, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund has created a sermon guide that will go beyond the physicality of what health “looks” like and deeper into holistic wellness that includes our emotional, physical, social, and spiritual health.

By exploring health from these four perspectives, the “God’s Temple: Health and Holiness in the Body of Christ” sermon guide opens a wider conversation about health and wellness that integrates with the church’s call to live as the Body of Christ in the world.

To help guide this conversation, the sermon guide utilizes select passages from Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians.

Week 1 explores emotional health in relation to Paul’s teaching that the Christian community is the temple of God, highlighting belonging as crucial to our emotional well-being as humans.

Week 2 addresses physical health as an individual and communal endeavor as Christians are called to use our bodies to glorify God.

Week 3 explores social health using Paul’s discussion of whether the Corinthian Christians should eat meat sacrificed to idols. Paul’s teaching emphasizes that social health means loving God and loving neighbor by glorifying God while also actively seeking not to be a stumbling block to our neighbors.

Week 4 concludes the series by exploring spiritual health as the cultivation of love as the church cooperates in using our gifts to grow and act as the Body of Christ in the world.

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Week 4

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