Big Garden Program

The Big Garden: Community Gardening Opportunity

The United Methodist Health Ministry Fund has partnered with United Methodist Ministries in Omaha, NE to expand UMM’s Big Garden community gardening program into Kansas. The Big Garden is a collaborative community food initiative which partners with schools, nonprofits, and churches to facilitate community building and increased access to healthy foods through the act of gardening.

The Big Garden has received funding from UMHMF to start or expand community gardens with churches that are members of the Healthy Congregations initiative.

Congregations interested in developing or expanding a community garden site in their communities are invited to view the webinar recording on this page for more information and a brief Q&A session. If your church is not currently participating in the Healthy Congregations initiative, we encourage you to consider forming a team and signing up to gain eligibility for this opportunity.

May 2021 Big Garden / Giving Grove Webinar for Healthy Congregations

To learn more, please view the webinar recording and/or slides. To apply, please use this form via the Big Garden website. If you have questions, please contact Molly Baurain for assistance.

Applications due: Ongoing
Spring Planting Due: April 1, 2022
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