Summer Food Program

The United Methodist Health Ministry fund will provide up to 10 grants of $2,000 each to Healthy Congregations churches wanting to begin or expand summer food programs. Kansas ranks last among states in the level of summer food program participation, and this program both reduces hunger and provides an opportunity for congregations to engage with their communities in very positive ways – including perhaps developing supportive programming to surround the food program.

This is a one-time grant opportunity for the 2019 Summer Food Service Program season. See this pdf for background on the program or watch the webinar.


Members are eligible, as well as new congregations who enroll in the program.

Levels of involvement by the applying Healthy Congregation church that will be considered are: Sponsor, Site, Significant Reoccurring Volunteerism, Paid Leadership, or Significant Other Participation with the summer food program (please visit with staff if applying under this latter category).

Applications are due by May 1, 2019.  For more information about applying and for qualification requirements, visit or call Child Nutrition & Wellness, Kansas State Department of Education at 785-296-2276.

Mini-grants up to $2,000 can be considered for the following:

• Start-up costs for new programs
• Program Expansions: expanding sites, the number of meals that are served, or the number of months in which meals are served 
• One time resource expenses 
• Project components that will help strengthen the existing site’s work or increase the numbers served: strengthening partnerships / collaboration, providing programs or activities, alleviating transportation barriers, partnering with Kansas Food Bank to provide “Food backpacks” for weekend meals
• Other

Applying for the Summer Food Program Healthy Congregations grant

Application can be made by submitting a document which describes:

1) The eligible United Methodist Church serving as grantee;
2) Contact information for the church including project director for grant;
3) Sponsor of food program, if different than applying UMC;
4) Current experience with the summer food program;
5) Situation relevant to funding request (start-up, expansion, one-time need, etc.);
6) Numbers served and numbers planned for service;
7) Other participating organizations, groups and individuals in the project;
8) Budget for relevant funding period;
9) For existing programs, budget information for 2019 work; and
10) Any additional information to provide a clear word picture of the proposed work. 

The document should contain information indicating the status of formal Church approval for the project and application for the funding. This document should be emailed to Katie Schoenhoff, Program Officer, United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, at:

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