Kansas Telehealth

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, access to telehealth was temporarily expanded.

To better understand how Kansas providers and patients experienced telehealth, the Health Fund and REACH Healthcare Foundation commissioned research with health care providers, administrators, and patients throughout Kansas. Primary themes emerged illustrating how telehealth is best used, barriers to access or implementation, and its future in Kansas.

It was clear from both provider and patient responses that telehealth will continue to be used into the future. Both providers and patients would welcome more standardization, certainty in public policy, expansion of broadband internet (especially in rural areas), flexibility in choosing telehealth or in-person services, and respect for clinical judgment.

The consumer focus group results and the final cross-study report will both be issued in 2022.


86% of Kansans say they support expanding or maintaining telehealth options after the pandemic ends. 2021 statewide poll of Kansas voters.

2021 Statewide Voter Poll
Poll Results | By the Numbers

Research finds 86% of Kansans support expanding or maintaining telehealth services to access health care after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, according to a statewide poll of voters conducted in 2021.

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2021 Provider Interviews
Full Report | Brief

A key finding from 2021 in-depth interviews with health care providers and administrators is that for telehealth to remain viable, future financial support is needed for system upkeep and visit reimbursement.

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2020 Provider Survey
Full Report | Brief

Research from late 2020 shows providers and patients benefited from expanded use of telehealth services during COVID-19, especially during the early months of the virus outbreak as in-person visits declined.

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