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May 20, 2022

Faith in Vaccines Resources

The United Methodist Health Ministry Fund (Health Fund) has launched a “Faith in Vaccines” campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccination and help ensure Kansas families are as prepared and protected as possible against emerging COVID-19 variants.

The campaign has highlighted the efficacy of the current vaccines and has included voices from trusted sources, such as pediatricians, faith leaders and rural community leaders, as well as testimonials from individuals who have been directly impacted by COVID-19.

“The decision to be vaccinated is a personal one,” said David Jordan, Health Fund president and CEO. “We hope this campaign will provide Kansans with the additional information they need from trusted sources to consider if the vaccine is right for them. Ultimately, we want to see more people choose to be vaccinated and limit their chances of severe illness or death due to COVID-19.”



Dr. Bob Kraft discusses COVID-19 vaccines
Elise’s journey with long COVID
Dave’s COVID testimonial
Community Health Worker Suzana Hernandez on COVID-19 vaccination
Fr. Bob Schremmer discusses COVID-19 vaccines
Dr. Gretchen Homan on COVID-19 vaccines
Dave’s COVID testimonial (Spanish)

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