September 7, 2023

Nomination form – Kim Moore Visionary Leadership Award

In 2017, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund Board of Directors voted to honor the organization’s founding president with the establishment of the Kim Moore Award for Visionary Leadership. Each year, the Fund solicits nominations in a chosen strategic field of work and honors one individual whose leadership has had a positive effect on the health of a specific group of persons. For 2023, the Health Fund is inviting nominations for a leader who has previously or is currently serving in the strategic area of access to care in Kansas.

The winner of the award will be honored at a ceremony in May 2024. The individual will receive a cash award of $500, and if associated with an organization, that agency will receive an additional $2,000 to use as it deems.

Please direct any questions about this award to Katie Schoenhoff, Director of Programs. To nominate a candidate, please complete the online form below or include the same information in an email or letter to Katie ( / United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, PO Box 1384, Hutchinson, KS 67504-1384).

Nominations need to be received in the Health Fund office by November 17. If you previously nominated an individual who was not selected, you are welcome to renominate that person for the 2023 award.

2023 Kim Moore Award for Visionary Leadership Nomination Form

Nominee Information

To nominate an individual for the 2023 award, please list current contact information for the individual and complete the below narrative fields.
Please describe in 300 words or less the visionary leadership the nominee has demonstrated and the specific work and actions that have benefited the health of Kansans in the strategic area of access to care.
Please describe, in 300 words or less: -How this individual has taken risks, shown innovation, and exhibited the flexibility and creativity needed to be effective in his/her work. -What makes this individual an outstanding leader in this field of work? What are his or her significant contributions to the field of work? -What change resulted from and/or who benefited from this person's leadership?
Please provide a brief summary of the nominee's professional career.

Nominating Individual

As the individual nominating the above person for the award, please provide your contact information so that we may follow up if we have questions. Thank you.
[Not required] - if you have any additional comments, please include here.
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