June 27, 2023

The Health Fund offers comments on reprocurement of KanCare 3.0

As Kansas begins the competitive reprocurement process for KanCare, its Medicaid managed care program, the Health Fund commends the state’s approach as it actively seeks stakeholder input and ideas to stimulate innovations to improve the program.  

As an organization committed to improving the health of all Kansans, the Health Fund recently submitted comments encouraging the KanCare 3.0 reprocurement process to prioritize KanCare enrollees – by focusing especially on improving enrollee health, enhancing the enrollee experience with insurers and the health system, reducing disparities and advancing health equity. 

With our state’s Medicaid program serving nearly 500,000 members, the upcoming reprocurement process offers a significant opportunity to improve the health and experience of enrollees. This process will result in the best solutions when stakeholders like enrollees, providers, advocates and others have a seat at the table. We are grateful that our state continues to listen to these voices, and we encourage the state to take an even more dedicated active listening approach. 

You can read our official comments [here], and you can follow along with our additional comments in the coming weeks right here on our blog.

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