February 16, 2023

ABC Phase II

Kansas ABC Project enters second phase

The relationships that infants and toddlers form with their caregivers are foundational. Through strong attachment and nurturance, children are better prepared for school and to hit developmental milestones on time.

The Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC) home visiting program mitigates the effects of toxic stress in infants and toddlers. The Health Fund co-funded a pilot program for Kansas infants to determine ABC’s effectiveness. The results showed healthier children, more confident caregivers, and stronger families overall.

The second phase of the pilot is underway and focuses on creating healthier futures for toddlers. Our evaluation will measure executive functioning and child well-being, which are both related to school readiness.

“Investing early is an opportunity to help have a profound impact on the health and economic well-being of children and families,” said David Jordan, Health Fund president. “For every $1 invested you see a $7 return. Ultimately, we all share the goal of having healthier kids and families. ABC helps us get there for some of the most vulnerable Kansans. The results are promising, and the future is bright.”



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