Faith in Democracy

September 14 update: whether your congregation is already participating, or is new to The Voter Network, we encourage you to RSVP for the next virtual Faith in Democracy event September 17 from 10-11 a.m. to learn more and receive updates related to the November election.

August 5 update: the 2020 Primary is behind us, with higher than usual participation thanks in part to the great work of Faith in Democracy Voter to Voter teams this summer. With the general election fast approaching and the challenges of COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to work to ensure the voices of those in our communities are able to be heard at the polls.

Faith in Democracy is a new Healthy Congregations initiative developed in partnership with The Voter Network, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to ensuring every Kansan is able to be an informed, enthusiastic, engaged voter.

RSVP for the September 17 kickoff webinar (10-11 a.m.) or contact Brandi / 816-679-3837.

The most exciting component is the Voter to Voter tool. It’s an easy-to-use relational advocacy program that gives each congregation the tools to increase voter turnout, to focus on those in our communities who are often underrepresented in the political process, and provides the data to track and measure results. All that’s needed is team of volunteers, and the time involved is minimal.

The Voter to Voter tool is specific to Kansas, but our Nebraska HC churches are encouraged to consider the worship resources / sermon guide and other resources provided by The Voter Network.

The initiative provides tools to support Kansas Healthy Congregations in ensuring their members are able to access the polls. The Voter Network provides digital resources, worship resources / sermon guide and regular information on how to support members in registering to vote, finding their polling place (or in light of COVID-19, voting by mail), and knowing who is on their ballot.

The United Methodist Church has a long history of working toward social justice and a deep commitment to fostering healthy communities. One of the strongest ways to ensure healthy communities is for each person to be engaged and to have a voice – and voting is core to both. Whether you are already supporting voter engagement through your ministry, or wanting to learn how you can help ensure all in your community have a voice at the polls, we hope the resources available through The Voter Network will elevate your efforts.

Kansas Resources:

Nebraska Resources:

The first sermon in a series called “Tending the Civic Soil, a worship resource for election season

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